Why An Impact Value Proposition Matters for Your Business

Emilia Vieni
3 min readMay 10, 2021

With an abundance of different brands and competition everywhere, a business owner must think deeply about how their brand truly stands out from the rest if they are to succeed. It is important for any business to have a strong value proposition, which tells the target audience not only about the products and services offered by a business, but how it directly benefits the consumer and solves a specific problem. It also becomes the structure of a company’s business strategy. Putting something for sale is simple enough, but without creating value, its cost cannot be justified, creating a loss in revenue and overall customer engagement.

A company can position their brand to have a strong value proposition by taking into account the pain points and motivations the audience has when searching for a particular product, as well as knowing who your target audience is, and further applying these core values through thoughtful text and design. Essentially, a strong value proposition is knowing the need, knowing your customer, and how this will benefit the community.

Solving a problem, filling a need

Going beyond the usual sales pitches, a strong value proposition is part of a company’s overall business strategy. It is the “soul” of a business, and what sets it apart from the competition, illustrating how a specific problem can be solved and the benefit it has towards the community. A clothing retailer offering garments made from high quality sustainable resources for example, is appealing to a consumer who is environmentally conscious and understands the importance of reducing their carbon footprint.

If this type of customer was to compare this business and another that is known for poor business standards and a big carbon footprint, the value the company creates by offering a solution to a problem, in this case helping reduce the carbon footprint created by clothing manufacturing, is what will ultimately make the sale. If there are two of the “same” products being sold-the one with the most value will win. Here the business knew their target audience, and executed.

Your target audience must be seen and understood clearly

To even begin emphasizing a value proposition, the target audience must be clearly…

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